ZUMA Press Privacy Policy

ZUMA Press realizes the importance of privacy and the data that you supply to our site and we value your right to privacy. Because of this, we would like to share with you how we'll use your information.

Personal Information

ZUMA Press collects and stores personal information from our customers. This information is mandatory in order to access the ZUMA Press offering and includes such information as name, physical address, email address and personal content preferences. Note that ZUMA Press does not sell any customer data to third parties.

The ZUMA Press registration form that you complete in order to gain access to our site contains personal data. ZUMA Press may use this information for marketing purposes as it helps us identify the products that are most relevant to your needs.


You must be 18 years of age or older in order to use the ZUMA Press site. By using our site you are confirming that you meet the minimum age requirement.

Sharing Lightboxes

When you share a lightbox, you will be required to supply ZUMA Press with an email address. We will send the recipient a one-time email and we do not retain this information.


The ZUMA Press site uses Cookies and each time you visit our site, a cookie (small file) is sent to your computer's hard drive. The Cookie only identifies the user's computer. Our Cookies may be used for holding login information and will expire within 24 hours or all instances of the browser are closed.

By using ZUMA Press you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. ZUMA Press may update this policy and will post the updated version to ZUMAPress.com and notify you. Your continued use of ZUMA Press shall constitute your acceptance of such revised privacy policy.

For questions about our privacy policy, please contact
. If you would like to change, modify or update your personal information associated with your ZUMA Press account, please send an email to