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June 23, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan: People wearing face masks seen at a major subway station, as Taiwan extends its Covid-19 restrictions to 12 July, following a domestic outbreak with an increasing number of infections and deaths. Taiwan CDC announced on Wednesday that the Level 3 COVID-19 alert has been extended, as transmissions have not been curbed. Story of the Week #791: TUESDAY June 22, 2021: 'MAKE THE GAME' by Le Pictorium photographer Michael Bunel who has spent 10 years covering the migrant crisis in Europe: To get around the wall erected by the government of Hungarian President Viktor Orban, exiles wishing to access Europe are trying their luck, by passing through Romania. Every night, small groups try to slip through the cracks set up by the Romanian authorities. The journeys range from 2 to 15 kilometers depending on the path taken, through woods and fields under cover of darkness. The exiles living in abandoned houses in the village of Majdan tirelessly try to cross - more...
June 23, 2021, Cheboksary, Russia: Athlete ARSENY YELFIMOV competes in the men's decathlon long jump event during the 2021 Russian national track and field championships, at Olimpiysky Stadium.
COVID-19: VICTIMS: New Delhi
April 16, 2021, New Delhi, India: Relatives of a person who died of Covid-19 perform the last rites during cremation at Nigambodh Ghat crematorium. India logged in a record 2,17,353 daily coronavirus cases as many states grappled with shortages of hospital beds, oxygen, medicines and vaccine doses. 1,185 people dying of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours pushed the country's death count to 1,74,308.
Hong Kong Apple Daily Newspaper Closure
June 24, 2021, Hong Kong, China: People buy the final edition of Apple Daily newspaper at a newsstand. Hong Kong's largest pro-democracy newspaper announced it would stop publishing online at midnight, printing 1 million copies for its final edition on Thursday. Under a controversial national security law, Apple Daily shutdown after 26 years of its tabloid-style newspaper.
John McAfee 1945-2021 Antivirus Software Magnate
June 23, 2021, Barcelona, Spain: JOHN MCAFEE, the controversial antivirus software magnate who'd had multiple recent run-ins with the US law, has died at 75. McAfee was awaiting extradition in a Spanish prison after being charged with tax evasion in the U.S. last year. FILE PHOTO SHOT: Sept. 28, 2013, San Jose, California, USA: JOHN MCAFEE speaks during the C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival at the McEnery Convention Center
Legoland Opening at The Hague
June 23, 2021, The Hague, Netherlands: On the boulevard of Scheveningen, Legoland has finally officially opened its doors after a postponement due to corona. Two classes of a primary school in Scheveningen had the scoop and were allowed to take the key through leaves in a bucket and put it in the lock to open the doors. Inside, the children did not know what they saw and rushed towards a Duplo wall after which they could enjoy and play to their heart's content.
ZUMA Wire Service Best Entertainment 2021
March 2, 2021, Madrid, Spain: MILENA SMIT attends Feroz Awards 2021 on Red Carpet at VP Plaza Espana Design Hotel.
Kathy Hilton Visits The Empire State Building
June 23, 2021, New York, New York, USA: Kathy Hilton of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' visits the Empire State Building in New York City.
Zhara Music Festival 2021 Moscow
June 23, 2021, Moscow Region, Russia: Actress, singer and TV presenter OLGA BUZOVA attends the 2021 Zhara music festival at Crocus City Hall.
Zhara Music Festival 2021 Moscow
June 23, 2021, Moscow Region, Russia: Singer KLAVA KOKA (Klavdia Vysokova) performs at the 2021 Zhara music festival at Crocus City Hall.
ZUMA PRESS BEST OF SPORTS IMAGES: FEATURED IMAGE: April 14, 2019, Augusta, Georgia, USA: The Comeback Kid superstar golfer, American legendary TIGER WOODS, 43, celebrates winning the 2019 Masters during the final round at Augusta National Golf Club and finalizing one greatest comebacks in sports history. Woods fifth title at Augusta National and his 15th major championship.
Gymnastics 2021: US Olympic Trials St. Louis
June 23, 2021, St. Louis, Missouri, US: GRACE MCCALLUM practices on the uneven bars at the Dome at the America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri.
UEFA Euro 2020: Germany Fans
- 23 June 2021, Bavaria, Munich: Football: European Championship, Germany - Hungary, preliminary round, Group F, match day 3. A demonstrator gestures with an extended middle finger, painted with rainbow colours, towards Hungarian fans on the edge of Wiener Platz. Next to her are other demonstrators holding a rainbow flag.
Athletics 2021: Russian National Championships
JUNE 23, 2021, Cheboksary, Russia: Athlete YEVGENY CHERNOV competes in the men's decathlon shot put event during the 2021 Russian national track and field championships.
LATEST REPORTAGES from Around the Globe
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January 6, 2021, Washington, District of Columbia, USA: Among the supporters of President Trump who mobbed their way into the U.S. Capitol, one in his fur, horned hat and painted face, was Jacob Anthony Chansley, a.k.a JAKE ANGELI, a QAnon supporter who has been a fixture at Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year. Rioters swarmed Capitol Hill as Congress voted to affirm the election victory of President-elect Biden over President Trump. Rioters breached all security barriers, went up the Hill's stairs reserved for Congressional members, and stormed the Senate floor.
June 8, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan: Taiwanese soldiers ride a subway train while disinfecting public areas and transport in Taipei, following a serious outbreak with an increasing number of domestic infections and deaths related to the COVID-19 disease.
May 31, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan: Military officers disinfecting public areas and transport sit beside commuters on an underground train in Taipei, following a dramatic surge of domestic cases that jeopardize medical systems in Taiwan.
May 29, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan: Medical workers in protective suits seen at a temporary outdoor ward with oxygen cylinders outside a hospital, following a dramatic surge of domestic Covid-19 cases. Hospitals in the capital Taipei are facing a shortage of isolation ward and intensive care unit (ICU) staff, while the number of cases is increasing amid inadequate vaccines supply.
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